Columbus McKinnon (CM)


Products marketed under CM Rigging Products are used extensively to lift, position, and secure loads. From Super Strong Shackles to Herc-Alloy Chain, the CM Rigging Products land stand for innovation and quality. Part of a “complete lifting system” when used in conjunction with hoists and cranes, these items provide numerous options for securing loads in environments ranging from power plants to construction sites. In addition to products related to lifting, the range includes load binders and chain assemblies for heavy duty trucking needs. Additionally, carbon chain and hooks are offered for applications ranging from farming to public works.



CM Works (PDF Download)


Heavy Duty Truck, Overhead Lifting Products, Carbon Chain & Attachments, Towing Products, Forestry Products, Farm Hardware & Fence Tools, & Below the Hook Products.

Products for:

  • Rigging- Hoist Rings, Clamps, Wire Rope Clips/Thimbles, Shackles, Hooks, Rigging Accessories/Turnbuckles.
  • Hoists- Manual Hoists, Powered Hoists, Trolleys, Load Chain, & Electrification
  • Cranes- Jib Cranes, Enclosed Track, & Crane Components.
  • Heavy Duty Truck- Binders, Tire Chain, Tire Chain Hooks, Binder Chain Assemblies, Towing/Trucking.
  • Overhead Lifting Products- Hooks, Chain, Slings, Rings, Master Rings, Chain Slings, Hooks, Attachments, & Latches.
  • Carbon Chain & Attachments- Cold Shuts, Rings, Chain, & Link Chain.
  • Towing- Bridle Assemblies, Tow Chains, & J-Hooks.
  • Below-the-Hook- Pallet Lifters, Coil Lifters, Lifting Beams, Sheet Lifters, Bartender Rack, & Rail Clamps.
  • Industries- Construction, Forestry, Mining, Oil & Gas Exploration, Power & Utilities, Towing, Wind Energy, Entertainment, & Food Processing.



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