The Crosby Group

Wire Rope End Fittings, Shackles, Sling Saver Fittings, Hooks & Swivels, Rigging Accessories, Chain & Chain Accessories, McKissick Blocks, Western & Marine Blocks, Crosby Lifting Clamps, Specialty Lifting & Rigging Products.

Crosby® Shackles, Hooks, Turnbuckles, Links, Rings, Eye Bolts, and Wire Rope Clips
Lebus® – Load Binders, Snatch Blocks and Tail Chains
Mckissick® – Crane Blocks, Snatch Blocks, Construction Blocks And Sheaves
– Cold-Tuff Swage Sleeves, Swage Buttons, Swage Sockets, Swaging Machines and Dies
– Snatch Blocks, Tackle Blocks, Marine Blocks and Manila Rope Blocks
– Safety Hooks, Golden Gate Hooks for Use With Wire Rope, Chain and Hoists.